Before joining our classes you should arrange and attend an induction lesson, unless you are planning on taking private tuition in which case your fist lesson would be your induction lesson.
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Book your 60 minute private induction lesson for just £48.00 & get your first 3 classes as a complimentary free trial! 

The above price is based on the induction being a home visit at your home or venue of your choice in which you have permission to use, to use one of our venues an extra charge will apply for studio/hall hire        (£15 - £17 depending on venue) 

The fee should be paid before or at the time of your private induction lesson.
Once you have completed your induction and any free trial classes, if you are happy and wish to continue you can join our classes. There are 2 options...


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Option 1:

Six week course £48.00 (6 classes, 60 minute lessons) 

Option 2: 

Drop in £12 per class (check on the day for availability)

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For a more personal and tailored service you can have private lessons as often as you like, when & where you like... in the office or in the comfort of your home and there is no need to arrange a private induction lesson.



£60.00 per hour
If coming to a weekly group class is not possible, why not book a private lesson once every 6 weeks? You will get a program  of exercises tailored for you, exercises that your body really needs, and then we will leave you to practice them at your convenience until our next meeting.  
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