What clothing should I wear?
Easy clothing, not too baggy, socks, most importantly you should feel comfortable, most gym wear is ideal.

Do I need to bring a mat?
All equipment is provided for the classes but you are most welcome to use your own equipment.

Private lesson to join...why?
The most important lesson of all! To meet each other and discuss your aims/reasons for doing Pilates. To find your level of physical ability. To see how I teach and get to grips with my terminologies, all in the form of a relaxed informative practical lesson.    

If I miss a class can I make it up?
Ask us if there's a free space in any of our other suitable classes but this must be in the same week as the missed class. 

What if I'm unable to commit to a full course?
Please consider weather paying as you go is cheaper depending on how many classes you are likely to miss during the course. Your place cannot be guaranteed on the pay as you go option please check on the day before coming to class.

How do I pay?
The best way is by online banking (please ask for details). We are happy to take cash (the correct amount in an envelope with your name on is very much appreciated) or a cheque made out to Mr R Norrington.
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